Option500 introduction to Binary option

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What's Binary Option? Learn how to become a profitable trader with Option500 - Register Now Option500 offers her client a simple platform in which they can easily focus on trading Binary Option . Option500 Education Center will be there to help you understand some of the basic terms related to trading Binary Option. Before you start, if this is new to you, go through the article below. This article will help you understand how trading Binary Option actually works, and what can you do to become a profitable trader using Option500 Platform. trading Binary option, or digital options as derived from their name, are options that pay out afixed return. The returns you will get is of course depend on whether a certain condition has been fulfilled by the time the option expires. For example, you can speculate for $100 that the price of EUR/USD will be higher than the current last price at the expiry of the trade. If you are correct, you earn up to 85% payout on your initial investment. On the other hand, if at expiration theEUR/USD’s last price is lower than the current last price, you may keep up to 15% of your initial investment. as insurance. It is that easy, trading Binary Option with Option500 will connect anyone to the wonderful world of trading. Start Trading now!. Visit our Education Center, and call the Support center for any question you have. Who is Option500 ? Option500 is a professional trading broker which provides a sophisticated solution for many traders around the world. The owner’s idea was to make investing simple for all users, whether you have basic computer knowledge or not, the platform keeps trading easy due to its high technology system which opens the wonderful world of trading to everyone. Nowadays it is not easy to find a reliable broker who is here for you, in Option500 we believe good support and service will get the results you are expecting. Option500 offers you many things but the most important we see are: 1. Simplicity – “We trade to live, we don’t live to trade” keep it simple, with access through your Smartphone trading can fun and profitable. 2. Education – Most new traders don’t have past knowledge, we want you to make it through the first steps of trading, therefore we built an “Education Center“ with animated videos which will teach you from scratch all the basics you need to know in order to become a profitable trader. 3. Webinars– We found the most efficient way to teach you new /experienced traders some of the most important topics in trading is through webinars in which our analysts talk about ideas such:”The Psychology of trading”, winning strategies, keys to success and give you the chance to ask them questions about things you don’t completely understand. 4. Support– we have a large department of account managers, personal brokers and analysts who wait for your call, they will solve any problem and of course with our experienced analysts you can easily build a strategy that will fit you the best. 5. 1 ON 1 – More than just formal support you would get, once you become a member in Option500 our analysts will get you VIP 1 ON 1 chat/call in which they will sense your trading level and of course will take you from there to the top!. 6. Variety of assets– In trading each one of us has different fields of knowledge, and for someone who just stepped into the wonderful world of trading, it is a good advice to have a variety of financial assets in order for him to trade what he/she understands the best. You are interested in stocks? Check out our full list of stocks from different sectors including Health, Consumer goods, High-tech and more, Feel like you know what’s going on with the Crude oil now? Don’t think twice check our commodities list. Wherever you step Option500 will be there with you with a solution. 7. Safety– It is not easy to find someone you can trust when it comes to your money, however in Option500 we developed many levels of securities to insure you money is safe with us, furthermore your money will have an accessibility for you private use, whenever you want to withdrawal deposits/ profits our customer service which stands by you 24/7 will ensure a delivery of request as fast as possible.