Beginners Binary Options Tutorial - $1K Per Day Strategy

2017-09-24 160 2 8,394 YouTube

Demo trading (no registration needed) - Hi friends.. I am back. Today I want to show you one more tutorial. I hope you like it and it will work for you. So, look the video carefully. Do not forget to subscribe to my channel if you like my videos. If you do not have an account yet you can find a registration link below the video, go through the link and you will get 10 000 coins on your demo account. You will be able to test and practice lots of times. We have to set the following indicators: ADX / 22, RSI / 26, Choose 15 seconds timeframe. ADX yellow and green lines crossed to each other. Also, RSI middle line touches the red line. So, we can bet PUT. Do not forget to trade on 3 minutes, Otherwise this method does not work. Lots of people asking me, which is the best and profitable methods of mine. I can answer them, that it depends on you. It depends on each person, their abilities and knowledge. Also, you are a slow or fast person. So, I can suggest to everyone to choose several methods and test them for a while. Than you will know which is the best one for you. We can use this method for different situations. So, this is the second example. It is not main lines to crossed to each other. It is enough them to touch to each other. As you see, ADX red and green lines touch to each other, also RSI middle line keeps one position near to red line. So, we can bet put.